Floral Effect Linkshell rules.

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Floral Effect Linkshell rules.

Post  Myumiki on Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:15 pm

Floral Effect linkshell rules.

Floral Effect is an endgame Final Fantasy XI guild on the Asura server, which was originally founded by Myumiki and Lightvdarkness in November of 2008. Since that time there have been many significant changes, but the linkshell mission has always remained the same: to be an innovator, to push ourselves to the very limit in order to complete any and all endgame content, and most of all to have fun while doing it.

Floral Effect has a vast and diverse membership - while our members primarily reside in Europe, we also have members from Japan and America, and all around the world. Events are scheduled primarily based on the GMT and EST time zones, but because of our diversity we remain flexible.

While we focus on the most challenging endgame content, the scope of our activities is broad and reaches almost every event imaginable in Final Fantasy XI. We actively participate in Dynamis, Limbus, Sky (Tu'Lia), and Sea (Lumoria), as well as regularly engaging in events to directly reward our members, such as BC99s and poppable NMs. Floral Effect's activities are exciting, and as new challenges are revealed in the continuing storyline and expansions, Floral Effect will be there to meet them.

LS & Forum Rules and & Etiquette

This is a simple set of rules that is to be expected from all linkshell members new and old. These rules are not in place to make you feel restricted, there here to make Floral Effect as a linkshell grow stronger as we build to work our success on being a strong team with strong friendship.

- Respect each other: It's noted that people can't get on with everybody, however, while in a linkshell we ask that people respect each other and refrain from any comments or arguments that may affect the linkshells morale. This roughly means, keep all your rude comments or jabs at other linkshell members to yourself.

- Drama: Ok I myself have seen enough of this throughout my FFXI career and I have personally quit the game from utter disgust of some people.

Drama will NOT be tolerated within the linkshell.

For example, if two members in the linkshell that take out all their anger at each other. Try to settle your differences in a civilized manner with the /tell function of the game. If this does not solve your problem, please /tell one of the linkshell leaders and we will try to settle your differences the best we can.

If we see any of the above within the linkshell chat, The linkshell leaders will intervene. The people involved in the incident will be asked to stop their current behavior. If then, the member(s) ignore or refuse, you will face removal from the Linkshell.

Please refrain from begging other ls members to help you. if this may be in linkshell chat or via private /tells to other members. If that person has clearly stated that they are unable to help with any specific request, we would prefer if you respect that person's decision.

Members will not be allowed to DEMAND things from other linkshell members. As a group focusing on teamwork we will try to help you as soon as we can, but remember we are not a charity. Help will only be given to those that help others wherever they can.

The keyword there being TEAMWORK

These rules also apply to the forum, We will not tolerate any abuse on the Forum as nether in the Linkshell.

- Interactions with other Linkshells.

We want our Linkshell to become a respected name among other linkshell's and within the Asura server in general. To accomplish this we must also respect other linkshells.

Here's a few pointers that will not be tolerated:

While HNM/NM/SKY camping etc:
(Note: For HNM rules and information regarding item point value, please read the HNM & Land Kings section)

- Name calling: Weather the insult is aimed at one particular person or another linkshell. Name calling not only makes you look stupid, but tarnishes our linkshells name. Which above all we do not want.

- MPK or Lagging: While trying to claim a monster by fair means is fine, blatantly trying to overwhelm another linkshell purely to steal a monster that they have claimed will seriously put a bad word around about our linkshell. I must ask that all people that attend on HNM/NM trips wait to see if a rival linkshell wipes to a monster, once the name has turned yellow then claim as fast as you can. This is fine.

These rules not only apply to linkshell members but also linkshell leaders. We are all players in the end. Let's try to make our name one to be respected for years to come.

Floral Effect -End Game Rules

1. End game events are by invitation from the ls leaders, the admin's reserves the right to refuse participation from members without recourse.

2. End game lotting rules follows Floral Effect's point system. Which you can view on the points system below.

3. Items from end game events are intended to strengthen the LS in general and people with that notion will have precedence over others. We focus on team gain not personal gain.

4. General consideration for peoples main jobs will need to be considered when lotting on items. e.g Byakkos Haidate would be Ninja main priority.

5. End game events are structured as a way for our team to progress in the game both personally and as a team.

6. All end game members must agree that development of potential members is an essential part of the End game activities.

7. All end game members must support the LS goal to best of their ability as set forth by the ls leaders

Floral Effect's leaders organizes these events for our members to have fun and not intended to be treated as work or requirements.

Sky Point System

All sky participants either Core Sky team members or Casual Sky participants will receive.

1) 2 points per hour spent in sky helping the LS during sky event.

2) 1 point per 1/2 hour spent helping with the sky event.

3) If sky run is cancelled due to poor attendance the people that did show up will receive 2 points for their time and commitment. Note: Sky is not considered mandantory as the ls motto is to have fun and not work. But you joind an End-Game linkshell to do End-Game activities, if you skip on sky to lv a sub or stand in whitgate, you will be asked to attend.

If no responce or refusal you will face a penalty of -5 points. This does not afect you if say you have a dynamis run on one of our sky days. This cannot be helped.

4) Members will receive warning if late or absent for a sky farming session without good reason and if the behavior continues they risk being deducted 20 point from the total points. If you know that you are not going to be able to make it on time, then plase send a /tell or leave a message in your /sea comment so we can keep a tabs on who is here. This rule is to ensure promptness and starting sky run on time. It is up to the sky leader to implement this rule.

5) Members will be able to spend their points on items from sky however job and job level requirements will come into consideration on abjuration and armour lot items. Members should try to allow others that need the item more to lot first out of common courtesy.

Bonus Points Earned

To encourage our members to earn additional points towards their sky points the following has been added:

1) 1 Point per hour spent farming a god item on the members OWN time OUTSIDE of the regular sky farming/God events. This must be reported under the "Bonus Sky Points Earned" section of the forum and confirmed with a ls leader. They will then be added to your total

2) 2 Points will be given to each member of the LS party for obtaining the god pop item on their OWN time OUTSIDE of regular sky farming/God events. This must also be reported under the "Bonus Sky Points Earned" section of the forum and confirmed with a council member. Item must be turned over to sky leader to be counted.

Lotting rules.

Number of Items person can lot on.

People will only be able to obtain one item per sky event. This item could be a rare/ex Abjuration, a piece of armor or a rare high value item. NO exceptions will be made to this rule unless otherwise stated by a Floral Effect leader duruns a run.

Lotting Priority
Since some people will opt for earning points by attending God Days rather then Farming & God Days, priority lotting will be given to those who have attended both farming & god LS events over those that have earned all if not the majority of their points by attending only God Days.

ex: MrAzz
Total Sky Farming Sessions Attended 14
Total God LS Events Attended 4
Total Sessions Attended 18

ex: MrLeech
Total Sky Farming Sessions Attended 1
Total God LS Events Attended 6
Total Sessions Attended 8

This rule is being implemented to ensure that those people who have done the majority of the work by attending both farming & God days will have first dibs on attaining the items, gear, and abjuration dropped by the gods.

Basically boils down to this : Those that do the most work get the items
first. Please keep in mind that to obtain items from Gods one must still have the correct number of points that the item has been valued at.

Also In order to prevent loot monopolizing, and to help distribute items to the jobs and people who can best utilize them, Floral Effect also employs a "Main Job rule" - when members join they choose one job as their "Main" job. They will then get priority over people bidding on an item for a non-main (alternate) job.

Rot Lots

If for some reason people do not lot on an abjuration it becomes available to members at a cost of 5 points. Only people who have a job leveled that can use the item will be allowed to lot on such items. Only people who have not already obtained an item during the current days sky events will be able to lot the given rot lot item.

High Value Rare Drop items

Members will be allowed to lot on such items under these conditions:

1) The member MUST need the item for a specific piece of armour / weapon and are NOT trying to obtain the item only to sell it.

2) This item must be synthed & signed by one of your current high level craftsmen within Floral Effect or a friend.

3) Member must be able to use the armor / weapon on a job they are currently using not one they plan on leveling eventually or have retired.

4) Members must have the set amount of points or more if they wish to lot on the item.

5) If more than one member wants the item (after taking into consideration jobs and job levels) then a /random will be done and highest lotter wins the item.

6) The member agrees not to sell the item and or equipment that was synted from it.

7) If none of the above happens then the item will be sold by a Floral Effect leader and split with the people that attended that run.

Dynamis rules.

(Subject to effect, depending on if we start regular dynamis)

1) You have to specify a piece of AF2 you want or job that you are going for and are not allowed to lot any other AF in that perticular zone until you have recieved it. For example, Say you are a 75WAR and have 73SMN as your second job, Then we have a 75SMN main also attending the same runs.

The WAR sets WAR af2 in his/her comment. and the SMN sets SMN af, natrually. If the WAR does not get his AF on that perticular run for his/her main job and nither does the SMN, The war set SMN for the next run. SMN af drops and the WAR main gets it. This is unfair to the person who's main job is SMN.

So please bare in mind that we will not enter dynamis untill everyone has set a comment for that perticular zone, I will take down all the comments and when somebody recieves their AF2 I will check them off the list.

2) Main job lotters take priority over 2nd Job lotter.

3) Since this Dynamis will be hoasted by myself, there will be no lotting on any currency. This way the dynamis remains free to participants but also helps me pay for your runs.

4) Single bills will be dropped automatic by the server for now.

5) You can only Lot on AF2 if your job is Level 70+ otherwise please set (synthasis materials) Note: for Dynamis bastok and woots ore, you are only allowed to win one piece of woots ore per run, unless all those that set "Synthassis materials" as their comment have recieved a piece, then the lotting will re-commence again.

6) 1st run people that are not whithin the linkshell normally will have to wait out 1 dyna run before being able to lot on AF unesss it goes ROT and you are 70+ or other stated level (will be announced by ls leaders during the run)

7) Have fun.

Forum rules.

Regarding forums sigs and avatars.

All avatars MUST NOT be any bigger than 150x150. if I find any to be bigger then this they will be automatically resized.

Also for sigs, there is no restriction, but please keep them to a respectable resolution as not to hinder the loading times of our slower connection members.

And remember:

Friendship & respect.

Team Gain rather than personal gain.

Have fun.



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