Application Rules and Linkshell requirements.

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Application Rules and Linkshell requirements.

Post  Myumiki on Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:49 pm

Lead Recruiter - Myumiki
Assistant Recruiter - Lightvdarkness

We are currently recruiting the following jobs:



If your job is not listed here don't be discouraged. If you are a loyal and dedicated player, or have multiple jobs you will still be considered.

Please familiarize yourself with our rules so you have a basic understanding of how our linkshell runs. We are mainly a European linkshell, with raids that tend to fluctuate between 4 and 10 PM GMT, however sometimes they are earlier or later depending on the situation (or in some cases the TOD).

Your application is your chance to make yourself stand out from other applicants, so be sure to include all sorts of positive input about yourself, such as your goals and you achievements and any positive information about yourself.

If we find your application on any other hnm linkshell boards, your application will not be considered to Floral Effect. We want players who want to join us not as many hnm shells as possible. Dynamis and limbus shells are allowed we want our members to be diverse and also enjoy other parts of the game.

If you are wondering about the status of your application, feel free to tell in game or private message Myumiki or Lightvdarkness on the forum and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Here's a list of the information that we would like to know from you during you application;

- Job levels
Our linkshell has the requirement of at least one level 75 job. Multiple high level jobs offer a sense of flexibility which we look for. If you have more than once job at lv 70+ we would like to know which one you are planning to use as your main job.

- Merits
Any information on merits your character has gained would help us in deciding where you would be most useful during vital events. It also shows that you are dedicated towards your character and we like that.

- Crafts
If you have any crafts over lv 70, it is worth you telling us!!

- Play times
This information is required so we can identify the most likely times you will be able to attend events.

- Dynamis flags
Any information on completed Dynamis zones would be nice to know, as we do regular Dynamis runs weekly we like to know where we stand.

- Mission status (ROTZ/COP/TOAU/Assault)
We are mainly looking for members with Sky and Al'Taieu access or close to it. If you are accepted into the linkshell and are close to obtaining Sky or Al'Taieu access, your first priority is to get them.

- Achievements
Any information on achievements that you are proud of since you started playing FFXI.

- Goals and reasoning for applying

- Any other information you feel relevant: Any other information that you may feel we should know

-About you

These are the baseline requirements that we're looking for:

- At least 1 level 75 job.

- Sky (Tu'Lia) access.

- Sea (Lumoria) access, or nearing access.

Don't worry if you don't meet the above requirements, not all of them are required. Some are desired requirements only at this moment.Please continue your application and we will review it with confidence.

Please feel free to make an application on our forum and the linkshell members will be glad to review it.

Public Application

Click here to make an application to Tainted.

Good luck!


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