Application template.

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Application template.

Post  Myumiki on Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:56 pm

Please make sure you read the application rules before posting. You can view them here.

Please cut and paste this application form into a new post and fill in ALL the sections.
Best of luck to you!


Application template:

Character name?:

Character job(s)?:

Play time zone? (so we can get a better understading of what events you might be attending):

City rank?:

Cop Status?:

RoTZ Status?:

Dynamis Status?:

Craft skill?:


Length of previous End game experience?:

Reasons for wanting to join Floral Effect?:

Will Floral Effect be your only hnm linkshell? Can you please state other linkshell's you will be in? This includes dynamis/limbus/sky linkshells.

What are your goals in game?:

Where do you wish to be within FFXI in 2 years time?:

Tell us about yourself?:

Any other information we should know?:

Are you a coffee and chocolate or tea and biscuit kind of person?:

last but not least, what colour is your toilet paper?:


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