About Floral Effect and it's creator. (A simple message)

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About Floral Effect and it's creator. (A simple message)

Post  Myumiki on Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:52 pm

Floral Effect information.
Floral Effect was an idea of myself "Myumiki" to create an EU based HNM ls on the 1st November 08. I've been cross various linkshell's on my old server but moved to Asura not so long ago because of it's high European player base. (although it was a close call between Asura and Bahumat)

Still here we are, website, pearl and a butt load of people to grab! My first few days on Asura was very intresting, met a few good people along the way and mentiond my idea to various players. It seemed to go down well so I began building this forum Smile

Floral Effect is a new vision for me, I want to create a family, not just a linkshell but a huge circle of friends who work together to achieve the same goals. As I find that friends work better in a team than people who do not know each other very well or linkshells that only gather once a week to accomplish a common goal.

I wish everyone who wants to join the linkshell the very best of luck in reaching your goal within the game. And remember this is just a game, but it's also a community. Please respect others and you will be given that respect back.




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